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Product details

product details



The versatile Gi for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu of the Immortal series is developed taking into account a large number of details which provide durability of its service and comfort of use.

The jacket is made of quality cotton weighing 350 g / m2, and the pants are made of Rip Stop fabric weighing 10oz. You receive light weight of the Gi keeping it durable and strong.


  • the jacket with sleeves is made of a single piece of fabric without unnecessary seams;
  • extra soft fabric lining on the upper back and shoulders;
  • pants made of durable Rip-stop fabric with contrasting elements;
  • comfortable, slightly elastic thick waistband keeps pants where they should be;
  • reinforced inserts in the armpit area;
  • sturdy collar made to withstand any grip and not rub the neck;
  • meets all requirements and approvals of IBJJF and AJP.



  • 100% Cotton "Pearl Weave", jacket - 350 g / m2.
  • pants - 10 oz Ripstop

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