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Product details

product details

Brand:Bull Terrier Fight Gear

Type:Jiu Jitsu Gi Set※belt not included.

Model: Houou Ver.2 (Phoenix)


Top fabric:475gms Pearl Weave

Pants:10oz Ripstop


Product introduction: Last time the very popular HOUOU arrived, it sold out in fast. we appearing as a new series BULL TERRIER JIU JITSU GI "HOUOU" Ver2 model which design was redesigned from last model by BULL TERRIER.

The Gis Jackets are made of the 475 gm single weave fabric, the pants are made of light and durable 10 oz RIPSTOP fabric, There are reinforcing,double stitching and triple stitching
at the part of the joint to make it strong.

The Mesh material fabric is woven into the inner lining with good breathability to reproduce the best comfort,The print of the phoenix picture by the professional carving design.

With a special bag.
IBJJF Official Rule Usable.


A0 size Top Length69.5cm Width51.5cm Sleeve end to end150cm Cuff Width15cm
Pants Length 88.5cm Width48.5cm Thigh28.5cm Inseam64cm

A1S size Top Length 71.5cm Width53cm Sleeve end to end154.5cm Cuff Width15.5cm Weigth 1.6kg
Pants Length 91cm Width49.5cm Thigh29.5cm Inseam67cm

A1 size Top Length 73cm Width55cm Sleeve end to end163cm Cuff Width16cm Weigth 1.67kg
Pants Length 93.5cm Width50cm Thigh31cm Inseam68cm 

A2S size Top Length75.5cm Width56.5cm Sleeve end to end164cm Cuff Width17cm Weigth 1.75kg
Pants Length 97.5cm Width52.5cm Thigh31cm Inseam69.5cm

A2 size Top Length 76.5cm Width59.5cm Sleeve end to end 169cm Cuff Width17.5cm Weigth 1.8kg
Pants Length 98.5cm Width54cm Thigh32cm Inseam71cm

A3S size Top Length 80cmWidth61cm Sleeve end to end 174cm Cuff Width18cm 
Pants Length 101cm Width56cm Thigh33cm Inseam72.5cm

A3 size Top Length80cm Width63cm Sleeve end to end 180cm Cuff Width18.5cm Weigth 2.05kg
Pants Length103cm Width58cm Thigh34cm Inseam73.5cm

A4 size Top Length 84.5cm Width67.5cm Sleeve end to end 187cm Cuff Width19cm 
Pants Length 108.5cm Width61.5cm Thigh35cm Inseam77.5cm

Shrinkage percentage:

About 3 to 4%

Size reference:

A0 size Height 150cm - 161cm Weight 44kg - 57kg
A0L size Height 161 cm - 172 cm Weight 44 kg - 57 kg
A0W Size Height 150cm - 161cm Weight 58kg - 71kg
A1S Height 156cm - 167cm Weight 52kg - 65kg
A1 size height 161cm - 172cm weight 58kg - 71kg
A1L size Height 168cm - 179cm Weight 58kg - 71kg
A1W Size Height 161 cm - 172 cm Weight 68 kg - 81 kg
A2S size Height 164cm - 175cm Weight 63kg - 76kg
A2 size Height 168 cm - 179 cm Weight 68 kg - 81 kg
A2L size Height 177 cm - 188 cm Weight 68 kg - 81 kg
A2W size Height 168 cm - 179 cm Weight 81 kg - 94 kg
A3S size Height 172 cm - 183 cm Weight 72 kg - 85 kg
A3 size Height 177cm - 188cm Weight 81kg - 94kg
A3W Size Height 177cm - 188cm Weight 92kg - 115kg
A4 size Height 183cm - 194cm Weight 92kg - 115kg

S = Small(It will be medium size. Example A2S → middle size between A1 and A2)
L = Long (It will be long size.Example A1L → width of A1 and length of A2)
W = Wide (It will be wide size.Example A1W → A1 with a width of A2)