FIXGEAR CFN-L30 窄版壓力背心,知空館 ZKONG


FIXGEAR CFN-L30 窄版壓力背心

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Product details

  • 4-Way Stretch Compression

    FIXGEAR compression base-layers have 4-Way stretch compression performance, which grasp your muscles tightly and provide you with noticeably improved performance for all your favorite activities.

    4-Needleless Flat-seam Sewing Technique

    FIXGEAR compression base-layers are produced by using a Flat-seam by 4-needle Feed-Off-The-Arm sewing machine which ultimately allows your skin to feel more comfortable and smooth.

    Long-lasting and safe design printing

    FIXGEARs unique designs are printed with non-toxic materials and ingredients which are completely safe and non-allergenic for your skin, while the clothing stands the test of time.

    Advanced Fabric Performance

    Quick-absorption, Fast-drying, Comfortable and Breathable materials. All FIXGEAR products are made using multi-functional advanced fabrics which provides supreme comfort and durability for all types of athletes.

WEIGHT  170g

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